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National PAL 2022 Youth Summit

This year four of our youth were chosen to attend the 2022 National PAL Youth Summit in Potomac, Maryland, thanks to National PAL. While there, our members connected with youth and their mentors from chapters nationwide. The kids were split up by age and attended workshops focusing on various subjects while the mentors were also in their own workshops. This was an excellent opportunity for mentors and mentees to connect with each other during joint workshops and sightseeing. The group got to visit Washington DC's Natural History Museum, the National Mall both during the day and night, and the State Capital where they met with Megan, a staff member in State Representative Julia Brownley's office where they got to discuss issues such as street and park maintenance in our city. 

Community cinema Nights

YDC plays a huge role in the annual Oxnard PAL Community Cinema Nights. Every year, they help staff set up a movie in the park on weekends in the summer for families to enjoy. Once set up, they sell snacks to fundraise for things like field trips, necessities during conferences, snacks, and supplies for meetings. 

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