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Special Populations

The OSP program was specifically designed to fit the recreational and social needs for the physically challenged and special needs population.  

Programs offered include:

Challenger Sports

Monthly Fun Club

Day at the Park

Arts & Jewelry Classes

Swim Lessons

Community Garden

Braille Institute 

For detailed information on programming, please contact:

805-385-8019 or visit: 

Oxnard city corps

Learning Through Work & Service

Oxnard City Corps is an organization designed to give youth team-based work experience while learning valuable skills and serving their community. They offer opportunities for youth to take initiative in their exploration of many career paths. Oxnard City Corps serves youth ages 12-24.

Since 2005, Oxnard PAL has been the prime meeting location for dance instructor Byron Bucao and his dance teams. Through our partnership, Byron is able to offer dance lessons to youth between the ages of 4-18 at a lower cost. The program helps boost their self-confidence, work ethic, self-discipline and helps build character while representing their community.


All participants must have a current PAL Membership on file. You may pick one up in our youth center at the time of enrollment.  

For information regarding class availability, times and fees, please contact Byron Bucao at 805-290-6363 or

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