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The Oxnard Police Activities League (PAL) is a city-wide, after-school crime prevention program, which provides outreach to youth, ages 7 to 18. PAL offers recreational, educational, and enrichment programs - all without cost to participants. 

Oxnard PAL is a partnership between the Oxnard Police Department and the Oxnard Cultural & Community Services Department. In addition, Oxnard PAL receives state and national level support as active members of both California PAL and National PAL. Furthermore, Oxnard PAL receives a high level of support from The Oxnard Police Activities League, Inc., a local non-profit organization made up of 8 volunteer board members. Oxnard PAL, Inc. has no overhead and contributes 100% of every donation directly to supporting PAL youth.


The mission of Oxnard PAL is to build positive relationships between youth, police officers, and the community. PAL's purpose is to divert youth away from gangs and other criminal activity by offering a wide variety of positive alternatives under the care and supervision of trained recreation staff, community volunteers, and police officers.


The objectives of Oxnard PAL are:

  • To assist youth in developing their self-esteem

  • To provide youth with the necessary skills to help them succeed in their educational and career goals

  • To provide youth an opportunity to grow under the sustained guidance of dedicated adults

  • To involve police, parents, and community volunteers in a personal commitment of time and energy to the youth of the community

  • To instill in youth respect and understanding for law enforcement and the laws they uphold

Membership to PAL is FREE. To download an application, please click on the link.


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